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** Please download the following list to find your SIC code including most frequently used - Download
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**Hazardous Waste Producers
Premises Code
(check box if exempt)

** If you produce more than 500Kg annually of any Waste classified as Hazardous and the site producing the waste is located in Wales; you are legally required to register your site as a producer with National Resources Wales & receive a site Premises Code. Please tick exempt if less than 500Kg. Sites in England, Scotland & NI are not required to register, please tick exempt.
Click here for guidance.(Typically IT equipment with a screen is classified as Hazardous).

Collection Details
List the items of WEEE for collection in order that Stone can produce Waste Documents, organise appropriate vehicles and economical route planning /collection dates. Collection date will be agreed following receipt of request.

Collection Charges
In all cases Stone will endeavour to provide a Free of Charge service, to make this sustainable clients are requested to have a minimum of 25 qualifying items for collection.

** Additional items not listed may not be accepted at collection.

Please enter the details of all items for collection as accurately as possible.


(Inc. Missing / Removed Components)
Asset Management
Enhanced Data Erasure Required to HMG IA No: 5 (Chargeable-see SLA)
PC Base Units
Hard Drive (Loose)
All-In-One PCs
Network Switches  
TFT Monitors  
CRT Monitors    
Desktop Printers    
Floor Standing Printers    
Other - please list below (e.g. UPSs etc.):
BIOS Password (if set)

Please contact Stone Recycling Administration if you require any further assistance:

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Direct Telephone Number : 01785 786 862

Please specify the collection address and contact
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  **For requests during or overlapping school
Town holidays, you must provide a mobile number
County to ensure your collection is allocated.
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Collections are available Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays). If you have either a preferred collection date or days upon which collection would not be possible, please advise us here:
Please advise any specific access or location issues:
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